GPA and Course Repeat

AWP 3, AWP 4A, and AWP 4B are credit-bearing courses. Students are not allowed to repeat AWP 4B once they have completed it. If they do not pass AWP 4B with a C or higher, they will enroll in AWP 3. Since they are not allowed to repeat AWP 4B, the student’s eventual grade in AWP 3 will override their grade in AWP 4B in the GPA calculation.

Generally, students are not allowed to repeat a course if they receive a C-. However, because the University of California requires students to earn a C or higher to fulfill ELWR, they must repeat AWP 3 if they receive a C- or lower.

Once they receive a C or higher in either AWP 3 or AWP 4B, that course will fulfill ELWR and that grade will factor into the student’s GPA. This grade will override previous attempts at AWP 3 and AWP 4B. In other words, while the course will affect their GPA until they retake it, the final course that they pass with a C or higher will be the only one that is calculated into the final GPA. The only exception to this is if a student is found responsible for academic dishonesty; in this case, both the grade from the initial course in which they are found responsible for academic dishonesty and the repeated course grade will be calculated into the GPA.

Courses completed by students to satisfy ELWR are exempt from the general rule for repeating coursework. Repeating AWP 3 and 4A will not count against the 16 units of allowable repeats.