To satisfy the university’s Entry Level Writing Requirement, AWP courses must be taken for a letter grade. However, your assignments and final papers will not receive letter grades. Instead, you will receive written commentary on how well your papers demonstrate your ability to meet the course’s nine objectives. You will learn to assess your own work according to the same criteria. The final portfolio project will be assessed by your instructor and another instructor, also using these criteria, in order to determine whether or not you will pass on to your college writing program. Portfolios that demonstrate competency in the nine objectives will be passed with a grade of C or above. If your portfolio passes, you will be able to enroll in your college writing program—provided that you have also met the attendance policy and that you have been a conscientious student and peer. If your portfolio demonstrates that you are not ready for college writing, you will receive a grade of C- or lower for the course. You will then need to re-enroll in Analytical Writing. Note that students enrolled in 2A-2B submit their portfolio at the end of 2B. The criteria for determining your final course grade are more fully articulated on the AWP 1 and AWP 2A-2B syllabi.