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Entry Level Writing Requirement

The University of California requires all undergraduate students to fulfill the UC Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR) within a limited timeframe. This is one of the undergraduate degree requirements. Students who fulfilled the ELWR can proceed to enroll in their College Writing courses. 

First-Year Incoming Students

All first-year incoming students who do not have another way to fulfill ELWR must complete UCSD’s Writing Placement Process (WPP) in summer.

Transfer Students

All transfer students must complete two UC-transferable English composition courses prior to their transfer. If you are a transfer student, from California or out-of-state, you have met the ELWR and do not need to complete the Writing Placement Process. 

Ways to Fulfill the ELWR

Test Scores

Students may meet the requirement with their SAT, ACT, AP, or IB scores.

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College Courses

Students may meet the requirement by earning a grade of "C" or better in a UC-transferable English composition course.

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Submit Official Scores/Transcripts

Students must submit their official scores or college transcript to fulfill the ELWR. Self-reported scores do not fulfill the ELWR.

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