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Submit Official Scores/Transcripts

I Have Fulfilled the ELWR

If you have a qualifying test score/college composition course that fulfills the ELWR, after you have accepted your offer of admission, you MUST submit your official scores/college transcript to UC San Diego. Self-reported scores alone cannot fulfill the ELWR.

Test Scores

Arrange for the testing agency to send the official SAT, ACT, AP, or IB test scores* to UC San Diego by July 15. (Double check for the name of the university; many students have mistakenly sent scores to University of San Diego.) 

College Transcripts

Arrange for the community college to send the official, final transcript** to UC San Diego by July 1. e-Transcripts are accepted via the Electronic Exchange (ETX) vendors such as Parchment. Or send to:

UC San Diego Admissions
Attn: Transcripts
9500 Gilman Drive, MC0021
La Jolla, CA  92093-0021 (for Certree)

After two to three weeks, go to Applicant Portal to see if your official scores appear in your view. It will take longer to verify and post your college courses to your records. 

*Test scores submitted prior to 2022 must be resent. 

**High school transcripts displaying college composition courses will not be accepted. You must submit the official final college transcript in order to fulfill the ELWR. 

I'm Waiting For My Test or Course Results

If you expect to receive your test scores or complete a composition course later in summer, send the official scores/college transcript to UC San Diego as soon as you receive a qualifying score or letter grade to fulfill the ELWR.

If your test or course result does not fulfill the ELWR, you MUST complete the Writing Placement Process. Contact to sign up for a test date. 

I Need Help Finding My Scores/Transcripts

If your official scores have not shown to be received in Applicant Portal more than two weeks after requesting them, your scores may not be matched to your UC application because of inconsistent student identification. 

If your official transcripts have not shown to be received in Applicant Portal by August 15, the Office of Admissions might still be in the process of verifying and posting them to your records.

For assistance in matching your SAT or ACT scores, contact:

UC Application Center
(800) 207-1710 (calling from within the U.S.)
(925) 298-6856 (calling from outside of the U.S.)

For assistance in matching your AP or IB scores or college transcripts, contact:

UC San Diego Operations Unit
Applicant Portal (for current applicants) (for continuing students)

It is students' responsibility to ensure that their official scores/transcripts are received by the UC San Diego Office of Admissions. Follow up with if you keep receiving emails about not fulfilling the ELWR from the AWP office. We are here to help you troubleshoot.