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Program Updates: Winter 2024

AWP Course Enrollment

If you are required to take an AWP course in winter, you may enroll in your second pass. We strongly advise students to take no more than 16 units in total when they are taking an AWP course. Do not waitlist when there are still seats available. 

If you do not pass AWP 3 or AWP 4B, or if you did not take AWP 3 in Fall 2023, you MUST enroll in AWP 3 in Winter 2024. 

If you are placed in AWP 4A-4B, you must enroll in AWP 4A in Winter 2024 and AWP 4B in Spring 2024. 

If you are placed in College Writing, you have fulfilled the ELWR. You can contact your college academic advisors regarding enrollment questions. 

If you just realized that you have fulfilled the ELWR with a qualifying score or course, you must submit the official test scores/college transcripts to UC San Diego Office of Admissions. You do not need to take the AWP course you're placed into or complete the WPP.

If you have submitted your official test scores/college transcripts but are unable to enroll in College Writing, you should resubmit your scores/transcripts to the Office of Admissions. 

Entry Level Writing Requirement

All UC students must fulfill the Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR) within a limited timeframe. Before the fall quarter starts, you must either fulfill the ELWR or be placed in an AWP course by the WPP. 

  • If you have fulfilled the ELWR with a test score or a college composition course, you must send the official test scores or final college transcript to UC San Diego so you can be exempt from taking the WPP. Self-reported scores do not fulfill the ELWR. Visit the ELWR page for details.
    • The Office of Admissions has finished processing all the official records they have received. If your ELWR is not yet cleared, it means that your official records never made it to UC San Diego and you must resubmit them. 
    • A score of 3 or higher on AP Seminar or AP Research can be used to fulfill the ELWR, effective for the incoming FA23 students.
    • Digital SAT Reading and Writing is NOT approved to fulfill the ELWR.
  • If you have not fulfilled the ELWR, you must complete the WPP. See the "Writing Placement Process" section below.

Writing Placement Process

If you have not fulfilled the ELWR and have not completed the WPP, you must must complete the WPP Part 1 on Canvas and the WPP Part 2 in-person at the Triton Testing Center (TTC) before November 13. We will not hold any more tests after the deadline. 

Go to the TTC portal to schedule your WPP Part 2 test. This part of the process will take 2.5 hours to complete. You may also contact if you have any questions about test registration. Note that you must choose the test of your college. Choosing the wrong college to complete the writing assignments will be factored into your placement. 

On the day of the test, bring your UCSD student ID and/or a government-issued photo ID and a couple of pens of dark ink to the TTC. 


Email to receive a timely response.