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Entry Level Writing Requirement

All UC students must fulfill the Entry Level Writing Requirement (ELWR) within a limited timeframe. Before the fall quarter starts, you must either fulfill the ELWR or be placed in an AWP course by the Writing Placement Process (WPP).

After you accept your offer of admission, you must:

  1. Fill out the ELWR Survey on the Applicant Portal by May 20.
  2. Activated your UCSD account (TritonLink Active Directory Account) on the Applicant Portal. Check your emails daily.

You should fall into one of the following three ELWR categories: 

  • Yes. You already have a test score or passed a college composition course that fulfills the ELWR: You must send the official test scores or final college transcript to UC San Diego so you can be exempt from completing the WPP or taking an AWP course. Self-reported scores do not fulfill the ELWR. 
    • Digital SAT Reading and Writing is NOT approved to fulfill the ELWR.
    • Double-check whether you actually have the ACT scores to fulfill the ELWR. Email if you are not sure.
    • A score of 3 or higher on AP Seminar or AP Research can be used to fulfill the ELWR.
  • No. You don’t have any ways to fulfill the ELWR nor do you expect to receive a passing score: You must sign up to complete the Writing Placement Process in June.
  • Pending. You are still waiting for your test scores or waiting to complete a college composition course in summer: As soon as you receive your results, fill out the ELWR Survey again. If you do not have a qualifying score or letter grade, you must complete the WPP in July.

Writing Placement Process 

Students who are scheduled to complete the Writing Placement Process on May 18 should complete the Writing Background Survey by May 17. Those who submitted the survey should have received the link to the WPP website. These emails were sent to your UCSD account. 

AWP Course Enrollment - SP24

If you are required to take an AWP course in spring, you must enroll in the course without delay. We strongly advise students to take no more than 16 units in total when they are taking an AWP course. Do not waitlist when there are still seats available. 

If you just realized that you have fulfilled the ELWR with a qualifying score or course, you must submit the official test scores/college transcripts to UC San Diego Office of Admissions. You do not need to take the AWP course you're placed into.

If you have submitted your official test scores/college transcripts but are unable to enroll in College Writing, contact to troubleshoot.


Email to receive a timely response. 

Updated 5/17/2024